Animation Reel 2016

Allen Stevenson Animation Reel 2016 from Allen Stevenson on Vimeo.

Includes some of my Minion animation from EA and Minions Paradise


Here are a few prototypes we created in the rapid prototyping class at the U. I served as designer and artist.

Paddle Bash
Designer, Bug Artist. In Paddle Bash you play as a kid who has glued a piece of candy to the middle of his paddle ball board. Bugs crawl toward the center and you try to smash them with the bouncing paddle ball. Jump to :27 to see a clearer screen view.

Chem Bot
Designer, Artist. In Chem Bot you steer a bot around collecting hyrdorgen and oxegyn molecules to create water molecules that you then shoot out to extinguish fireballs in the level. An educational game teaching chemistry and balancing equations.

A game exploring chaos using celtic knot design.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marketing Animation

Here's a marketing animation we did at Avalanche. I animated Hulk, Ironman, Nova and some of Ironfist starting at 1:49. I used one of our animator, Nigel's work on Ironfist and tweaked it to make it work for this shot.

Here are a few designs from a Game Arts class I took last semester at the University of Utah, taught by the talented Mr. Nathan Lindsay. A lot of problems in these, but it was fun taking a stab at it.


It's a little late in coming, but here's a trailer that we worked on last year announcing Disney Infinity. I animated Mr. Incredible on the hoverboard.

2 -3 Hour gesture sculpts.
One of these days I'll learn how to use a camera.

Drawing of a buddy at work, Nigel Style, great animator.

And some gesture sculptures, done in about 2 or 3 hours. Bad photos, and the sculptures need work, but it's been fun getting into sculpting.

Friday figure drawing and some dance gestures.

Some drawings from The Sartorialist website, great reference. More gestures and Friday figure drawing.

Some monster doodles, I need to color these up sometime.

Friday figure drawing, some designs, and gestures