Monday, January 05, 2015


Here are a few prototypes we created in the rapid prototyping class at the U. I served as designer and artist.

Paddle Bash
Designer, Bug Artist. In Paddle Bash you play as a kid who has glued a piece of candy to the middle of his paddle ball board. Bugs crawl toward the center and you try to smash them with the bouncing paddle ball. Jump to :27 to see a clearer screen view.

Chem Bot
Designer, Artist. In Chem Bot you steer a bot around collecting hyrdorgen and oxegyn molecules to create water molecules that you then shoot out to extinguish fireballs in the level. An educational game teaching chemistry and balancing equations.

A game exploring chaos using celtic knot design.

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Congrats on the prototyping. It's good to see such different mechanics being explored.
I'd love to know what part you played in each.